About Me

Hi I'm Mike!
I am currently studying Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. I like to develop embedded applications which has lead to my involvement in #BadgeLife and SAINTCON hardware hacking community. As part of my involvement with #BadgeLife I created my Tron Badge to bring a super useful tool to the artistic nature of #BadgeLife. Due to my involvement with #BadgeLife I have take on maintenance of Svg2Mod which is a tool to convert svg files/objects to smaller line segments and save those into a file for use in KiCad.

On a different note I created this website and the framework that it runs on so I can create and manage any web-based projects with little to no effort to lock the configuration pages behind a login page and an already setup and managed database solution.

I also have an easy to use self-destructing end-to-end encrypted note sharing website that encodes all the information needed to fetch the note from the database into a URL for easy sharing. I had used other services, but since then automatic link previewing had become pretty popular which would automatically destroy any notes so I had to find something that would still work with those services, but I couldn't find any user friendly options so I created my own that is supper easy to setup and plugs directly into my framework for easy setup or can use it's own database in stand-alone mode.