I updated the LED display on @darkmatter's WiFi Cactus with some amazing random color code for DEF CON 26.

The WiFi Cactus has 25 WiFi Pineapple Tetras from Hak 5 so it can listen on 50 WiFi channels at the same time. It's goal is to monitor WiFi and not miss anything. At DEF CON 26 Darkmatter updated the power supply from a lead acid car battery to a small pack of lithium batteries and had a cool multiplexer board that would allow him to use 2 antennas to output to 16 ports on his Pineapple Tetras. He also added better hardware so it could capture even more data at once and with all of his new cool stuff he needed a new light show and I provided him with some very awesome code with multiple setting one of which is the original mesmerizing gradient from my first Arduino project.